Head First Rails is regarded as the best introductory tutorial-style book on Ruby on Rails for n00bs.  Except for one major problem – it was written for Rails 2.x, rather than the current Rails 3.x.  Many commands and piece of code in the book are outdated and this can lead to much frustration and wasted time for people (like me) earnestly trying to work their way through it.

I’ve created a list of modifications needed to make Head First Rails work with Rails 3.x.  It started out as just my own notes but decided to make it public since nobody else seems to have done this (including, disappointingly, the publishers and authors).

The list is incomplete and may contain errors.  If you can help improve it please let me know.

BTW for any Rails beginners working through Head First Rails, I strongly recommend the Rails for Zombies online tutorials.  They work very well in parallel with HFR.

(If any regular reader of this blog is interested why I’m trying to learn Rails, I’m just trying to get my head around it to help me in driving our new project, YourView.  More on that soon.)