1. Martin Davies, a colleague of mine at the University of Melbourne and a energetic advocate of argument mapping in teaching critical thinking has published “Computer-assisted argument mapping: a rationale approach” in the journal Higher Education.  In the article Martin describes using argument mapping in an upper-level Economics subject, and discusses how the students themselves regarded the exercise as helping them improve their critical thinking skills.  This reinforces the conclusion from other studies using pre- and post-testing which have found that student skills do in fact improve.
  2. The most popular post on this blog by a significant margin has been “What is Argument Mapping?“.   When first posted, it was a draft of an entry submitted to a new “Encyclopedia of the Mind.”  I have now revised the entry in response to editors’ suggestions & requirements, and I’ve now put the probably-final version on the blog post in place of the old draft version.    Or you can download a print-friendly version.