Comic writer Danny Katz illustrates the kind of chaos that so often goes on in our minds as we try to make decisions:

Dizzy with salt-hypertension, I froze before this great plastic-bottled Red Sea, overwhelmed by the choices, staging a whole National Water Commission in my head: Do I want Natural Water? Will it be as natural as the Organic Water? Do I go Fiji Water? Will it be tepid and tropical with kite-surfing breezes? Or do I support Australian and get the Outback Spirit Water, possibly flavoured with red dust and rank wild camels? What about the bottle of designer water with the amusing label blurb written by an ad copywriter who once did a comedy try-out night in the late ’90s? It has the giggle-nutrients I so sorely need.

This is funny in part because the issue is so trivial.  But essentially the same thing goes on as we struggle with more important decisions which may have more complex arrays of options and arguments.   And essentially the same thing also often when a group sits around table – perhaps a board room table – and works through a deliberative decision collectively.