We’ve just released an update to Rationale.  No dramatic changes, but a bunch of enhancements aimed at improving the “user experience” and the general usefulness of the software. 

  • Annotate maps by attaching sticky notes
  • View maps in full-screen mode
  • Present maps using improved layout options
  • Enjoy animated zooming
  • Keep workspace organised using auto-spacing of maps
  • Open files faster
  • Save preferences

Also, we’ve taken the interesting step of reducing the trial period from 30 to 14 days.  There were various pros and cons about doing this, and as with so many business decisions for a small, new software venture, we had limited information and no real way to know, within practical time and resource limits, what the best choice is.  So we have some informal deliberation in the team, and go with our collective hunches. 

[BTW the new 14 day trial period is available to anyone, even if you previously had a trial version which expired.]

We’re happy to be releasing 1.2.  With additional features and various “under the hood” improvements and fixes, it is a substantially improved product.  Naturally we’re very keen to know how it goes down with our community of actual and potential users, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know.

Download from www.austhink.com/download