Watch Le Grand Content – a short, well-produced and very entertaining video.  I’m not sure what it is meant to be – some kind of graphical poetry?  But it strikes me as an excellent portrayal of how conscious thought unfolds when one is trying to think about something.  Moments of structure mixed with free associations; occasional patches of sense but the whole thing amounts to an incoherent ramble.   Conscious thought is not very good at staying on topic and organising itself into structures which “hang together” in some useful way.  This is why we can generally think more effectively when conscious thought is paired with external representations which do sit relatively still and maintain their structure.  It is also why Rodin’s classic Thinker


is such a misleading picture of thinking, even though it is almost always the first think people think of if you ask them to picture thinking in their minds.  If you could see inside Rodin’s Thinker’s mind, you’d probably be watching something like Le Grand Content. 

Here’s a much better picture of thinking: