(First entry after a hiatus of a few weeks, while taking a holiday over the Xmas-NY period.)

Sheryle Bolton tagged me in a kind of blog-network pyramid scheme: relate five things about yourself that others may not know, then tag five others.  So here goes:

  1. Born in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
  2. First words were in Mandarin.  At the time we lived in Malaya and had a Chinese housekeeper.
  3. First publication was in arms control/deterrence theory.
  4. Country boy at heart.  My idea of recreation is to go to one of our country blocks (Flinders Island, or South Gippsland) and work all day.  Plus, my musical taste runs to “anything bordering country.”
  5. Main hobby or side-interest is sustainable living and farming. 

Now tagged:

  1. Paul Monk  (Paul, time to revive your blog…)
  2. Dan Prager
  3. Jef Clark
  4. Richard de Rozario
  5. Peter Tillers